LMS Platform

Learning Management System – gamification platform, intelligent solution that enables effective training, managing and reporting of user's activity and evaluation of improvement of her skills level.

Engagement increase

Gamification usage in the business training increase level of participants' engagement – their interest in the game, perception level and readiness to do the tasks increase and in result the trainings are more effective. The best example here is the Cafe Manager game.

Trainings results measurement

The solution which is the Game-Based Learning Platform provides detailed reports, stats and rankings based on data collected in the game enable to trace current training effectiveness and participant's progress. In business, it is a very practical tool for acquiring knowledge.

Gamification for scattered teams

Each user takes part in the same business training, receives the same e-learning materials and the same tools as other players. That's why browser game is a perfect solution for teams based in different locations.

Easy access

Business game access doesn't require any additional software or plugins. All is needed to start the game is a computer with Internet access and a web browser.

Two-stage personalization

Flexible game engine enables adaptation of different game elements to user's needs: independently through the changes in the content of materials and tests or on demand by tailoring it to the needs of the industry. The game brings quick and specific effects, that is why it is ideally suited to business.


Companies and institutions

Trainings including gamification elements are attractive and extremely effective alternative for standard trainings or e-learning courses dedicated to employees. Training based on gamification offers unified, fast and pleasant learning process to any number of participants, regardless their location.

Universities and training facilities

Through the educational simulation game, support system and measurement of training effectiveness, Doji Academy helps improving the attractiveness of educational offers. By using attractive, gamified educational methods enriches standard curses and has positive influence on participants' engagement and their results.

Casual users

Our advanced business game Cafe Manager is a great self-development tool for fresh entrepreneurs, as well as students and pupils who want to acquire new skills in an attractive manner. Training allows using the new knowledge in gamified simulation of company management and business negotiations.


It was 2 a.m. and I was still solving tests to get a game bonus – I think this speaks for itself...

‘When my coffee company finally started earning money I felt as if I scaled Mt Everest'

‘Diversity of options in the game and their complexity helped me understand better how sales impacts the company's activities and what does it involve. ‘


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